Pre-overseas Education Checkup Plan

Who should have the Pre-overseas Education Check-up Plan?

Studying abroad can be an exciting experience but it also means these adolescents are leaving the direct care of their parents and families. They are also likely to meet a lot of people coming from different parts of the world. ‍

While some overseas education institutions require applicants to provide proof of good health, conducting a thorough health check-up before departure can actually give parents peace of mind that their children are physically fit to lead an independent life. This also helps to avoid the hassle and possible high costs involved with seeking treatment while abroad.

Highlights of the Pre-overseas Education Check-up Plan

Our doctor will meet the student in order to carefully understand his / her medical history, as well as conducting thorough physical examination. Practical tips and advices relating to maintenance of good physical and emotional health while studying abroad will also be provided to the student and the parents.

The check-up offers a general health screening including the blood count, cardiovascular risk screening, diabetes screening, renal and hepatic function, urine and stool tests and thyroid function as well as a wide range of serology testing of hepatitis A and B, rubella and measles to identify those who may need booster injections.

Parents can also consider to enroll in our “Vaccination Programme for Studying Abroad” in order to strengthen students’ protection against infectious diseases in the countries that they are going to visit or study.





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