Vision and Mission

Medical Concierge focuses to offer an one-stop care service.

Medical Concierge is one of the subsidiaries of Hong Kong Medical Consultants Limited.

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary medical specialists and dedicated administrative staff will deliver world class seamless diagnosis, effective treatment and disease prevention in an individualised and pleasant fashion.

We endeavour to create a health management service hub with access to worldclass treatment and medical care to support patients and their families throughout the often-complex healthcare journey.


Our medical specialists are trained in leading medical schools all over the world. With the support of state-of-the-art medical facilities, we aim to provide world-class clinical services aligning with international treatment guidelines.

Full-spectrum healthcare

We have designated health programmes to cater for disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, supported by a comprehensive and updated imaging and diagnostic centre.

Patient Empowerment

We provide a personal, discreet and bespoke service to each patient, who will be in constant contact with dedicated clinicians and administrative staff. Each patient can, therefore, help design the clinical treatment with his or her attending specialists.

Our Medical Consultant Team

Medical Concierge wishes to empower our clients by provision of a premier, one-stop and full-spectrum healthcare service. We vehemently dedicate our team of professionals to work for each client in a holistic and individualised fashion.

We strongly believe that healthcare delivery can be made into a pleasant experience for our clients.