Pre-marital Health Screening Plan

The Pre-marital check-up aims to help about-to-wed couples gain a better understanding of their health. Getting married marks a new start in a committed life of two persons and there will be lots of excitement in the path including but not limiting to having a baby. Being part of the commitment, the couple needs to ensure they are both enjoying good health and free from common infectious diseases. Precautions like hepatitis B vaccination can be updated if necessary. Preparing for conceiving can be a stressful event and it is certainly worthwhile to have some basic assessment early on so that they are well prepared when the timing arises.

Highlights of our Pre-marital Health Screening Plan

Our doctors will meet the couple in order to carefully understand their medical history, identify possible health issues as well as conducting a thorough physical examination. Practical advice relating to general health and family planning will also be provided by our doctors.

The blood tests will cover complete blood count, blood grouping,cardiovascular risk screening, diabetes screening, renal function, hepatic function and thyroid function.

Common infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV are screened. Female is tested for rubella antibody and booster injection may be recommended if the antibody level is low. Ultrasound of the whole abdomen for both sexes as well as ultrasound breast for women will also be included in our imaging service. Semen analysis will be arranged for evaluation of male fertility.

A special feature of this package is that we include the study of haemoglobin pattern for identification of thalassemia that can be missed if only complete blood count is conducted.

As about 3% of babies are born with abnormalities and around 20% of these abnormal births are caused by single-gene disorders that can be detected by our optional genetic carrier screening, newlyweds can understand their potential risks when they are planning for future pregnancy by conducting this screening.


Optional Item is Family Prep Screening of 288 Carrier of Disease

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