Peri-menopausal Health Plan

Menopause is a critical stage in every woman's life - causing a hormonal shift that bring about physical and emotional changes.

Women should be concerned about their health during this cycle. Our ‘Peri-menopausal Health Plan’ is designed for women aged 45 to 60 experiencing symptoms of Menopause - serving to alleviate the discomfort and anxiety caused by their bodily changes.

This plan offers comprehensive screenings and advanced imaging technologies to ensure early detection and proactive management of potential health concerns. Make your well-being a top priority by enrolling in our Peri-menopausal Health Plan, which enable you to detect and address early signs of illness.


Checkup Items:

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Physical Examination
  • Breast Examination
  • Blood Count (CBC)
  • Menopause Checkup
  • Laboratory Testing (Diabetes profile, Thyroid function, Lipid profile, Bone Metabolism)
  • Resting ECG


Optional Items:

  • Bone Density DEXA Scan (HK$950)
  • Conventional Pap Smear (HK$370)
  • Ultrasound of Pelvis (HK$1,370)
  • Ultrasound of Breast + 2D Mammogram (HK$2,470)
  • Ultrasound of Breast + 3D Mammogram (HK$4,500)




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