Cardiovascular Health Screening Plan

Who should have the Cardiovascular Health Screening Plan?

Cardiovascular diseases have been one of the leading causes of death in Hong Kong. The morbidity and mortality rate of sudden cardiovascular events are usually high. It is not easy to identity if an individual is at risk as there can be no obvious symptoms.

Cardiovascular health screening can provide an accurate picture of our heart health.

This Plan is indicated for men over 40 or females over 50, and for individuals who regularly participate in exercises with moderate intensity; as well as patients who may have subtle cardiovascular symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest and / or neck discomfort on exertion.

Highlights of our Cardiovascular Health Screening Plan

In addition to the standardized check-up items like lipid profile,diabetes screening, renal function, liver function and thyroid function, our package provides:

  • Novel blood tests to assess cardiac health from different angles such as

    >> NT-proBNP testing for cardiac failure diagnosis and monitoring

    >> Testing of Lipoprotein(a) which is an independent risk factor of cardiovascular disease treatable by a new class of drug named PCSK9 inhibitors;

    >> Testing of hsCRP (high sensitivity C-reactive protein)which is an independent cardiac risk marker for detection of arterial inflammation and homocysteine that can increase the risk of heart attack;

  • Echocardiogram which allows our cardiologists to generate images of a patient's heart in real-time for assessment of its overall function and to detect different heart diseases such as valve disease, myocardial disease, pericardial diseases,cardiac masses and congenital heart disease etc.

  • Instead of conducting traditional treadmill stress test which is only useful in identifying severe heart diseases, our cardiologists employ high resolution CT coronary angiogram to detect early arterial atherosclerosis. It also gives accurate assessment of narrowed or blocked arteries with detailed information on the site and degree of stenosis. This allows early and timely intervention of cardiac risk factors to prevent progression of disease and consideration of the use of anti-platelet agent to prevent acute heart attack. Patients with more significant stenosis will be referred for interventional procedures of coronary angiogram and stenting.

Pre-test consultation will be arranged to allow our experienced doctors to conduct a thorough history taking and physical examination for the screened individuals. Our doctors will also discuss the screening needs together with the individuals so that they can understand the objectives of the screening. Upon completion of the check-up, the health reports will be carefully interpreted and explained by our doctors who will offer practical medical and lifestyle advice to the screened individual with the goal of improving his / her health outcomes.

Optional Item is Report interpreted and explained by a Cardiologist

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