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Your total healthcare is our priority


Health is the most important asset to everyone. When a person becomes sick, he should be able to obtain a timely, accurate and firm diagnosis. He should then move onto the best treatment and be allowed to recover in a peaceful and positive fashion. The process of developing an illness, diagnosis of it and administration of effective treatment should be a pleasant experience if at all possible.

At Medical Concierge,  we have a full spectrum of experienced and highly qualified specialists spanning all sub-specialties in internal medicine. We are also privileged to have our selected panels of high standing physicians in different specialties to provide the best care and treatment options in accordance with internationally approved treatment guidelines.

We are connected to the centres of excellence in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and internationally. Needless to say, this network of doctors working closely together will provide a pleasant experience which is efficient and cost-effective.

Premier Health Services

Medical Concierge well recognises the need to offer personalised holistic life style programs extending to family members and even members of a business group in a comfortable environment .

Specialist Services

The medical consultant team at Medical Concierge is led by experienced medical experts who strive to provide professional guidance on patient case management.

Health Screening Packages

Our health screening services aim to support individuals and their families to achieve optimal health and wellness through our comprehensive health check packages that cover prevention, detection and treatment.

Imaging & Screening Services

Our imaging centres, equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Ultra-Low Dose CT, guarantee excellent diagnostic confidence.

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We offer comprehensive healthcare services to cater for your needs.

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